TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR MERCHANDISE, SUBSCRIPTIONS and SUBSCRIPTION OFFERS PURCHASED from LOCALRIDER MAGAZINE or FIONASPHOTOS.COM via the paper publication and or online at localrider.co.uk or fionasphotos.com

PLEASE NOTE: Merchandise in the form of digital & downloaded media are not generally subject to a refund unless product as advertised cannot be provided.

1.1 Your purchase will be fulfilled by Roundbale Limited the owners and publisher of Localrider Magazine, and administrator of fionasphotos.com. Unless otherwise advised, in which case alternative terms and conditions may apply.

1.2 Under normal circumstances we will start your subscription with the next available issue which may take up to six weeks to arrive. However if a specific request for a current issue is made during the subscription order we will endeavour to provide a copy within a week depending on availability of stock.

1.3 If you have made an order for a subscription with free gift please allow for delivery of the magazine and the gift to arrive separately. Please allow 28 working days for the delivery of the gift. Please note that in certain circumstances the availability of the gift will be limited. If the gift on offer should become unavailable we will communicate with you and endeavour to provide an alternative gift of equal or greater value.

1.4 For delivery of Localrider Merchandise or fionaphotos.com Merchandise we will under normal circumstances after receiving your order and payment fulfil within five working days. If an order has been placed via the paper publication, by means of a written order, we will take all reasonable steps to ensure delivery is as quickly as possible. Please note that stock of merchandise advertised in the paper publication or elsewhere can be limited, or become unavailable after a period of time. If for any reason we cannot fulfil your order within 14 days we shall inform you.

1.5 We reserve the right not to accept or process your order.

1.6 Where relevant, VAT is included in the price of goods.

1.7 Unless otherwise advised postage and packaging costs are included in the price advertised.


2.1 We do provide for sales and subscriptions to certain parts of the world outside the United Kingdom. However restrictions and additional costs will be applicable so please contact us before placing order.


3.1 With regards to subscriptions we do not provide refunds after 14 days from acceptance of your order, except in exceptional circumstances. Should exceptional circumstances occur the amount of refund will pro-rata the amount paid for the order over 12 months less the number of magazine issues already received.

3.2 If you are unhappy with the merchandise you have purchased please contact us within 14 days (working days are Monday to Friday during hours of 9 to 5) by email or letter to arrange return of the product, however please note with regards to digital or downloadable media return for refund is not applicable. You will be refunded in full for your non digital / downloaded media order.

All information collected will be kept confidential and will not be sold, reused, rented, loaned, or otherwise disclosed unless you have specifically given us consent to do so. For more detail refer to our Privacy Policy.